The Reflection...

the reflection of the world around me

~~~~~~aaaa~~~~ :D
Morning everyone!!! :D
Alahaiiiiiii~~~~ *melting* T_T
"The students come to learn the art of soulful dishes, but it soon become clear that they’ve learn beyond the kitchen. And 1 by 1 they transformed by the aromas, flavors and texture of what they’ve created…. " #interestingreading
Morning monday! Rise and shine! Benda ni la yg aku cari selama ni..setelah beberapa bulan, finally I found it! seriusly sedap & susah nk jumpa. #mochalattehazelnut (at Taman Tuanku Jaafar Fasa 2)
Life is a journey. One day, we all will come to an end. Deal and prepare for it.
Stupid monkey.. sekor je, tp curi byk mknn! Grhhhh! :( (at Hutan Lipur Ampang Bukit Belacan)
Lets put some colours to the world.
In the classroom…
This is the expected result of my bouquet.. Ini la contoh wedding flower bouquet yg ade brooch.. boleh DIY sendiri..its gorgeous!!
I want a babyyy!!!! #geram
Bunga tgn.. tinggal nak letak brooch on each of the flower. ;)
Baru siap 1 bunga ribbn with brooch utk bunga tangan.. :-)
S for supersyazwani!
With the bride. Tahniah!